4 Unique Ways to Find New “Tweeps” on Twitter

Whether you just created a Twitter account or you’ve been on Twitter since 2007, it can become difficult after a while to find and follow new “tweeps.” Never fear, that’s why we’re here: to give you a few unique ways to find new followers.



Events are one of the best ways to find a following and followers. If you attend a conference or a webinar, be sure to follow the hashtag for the event (there will most likely be one, these days!). Click on tweeps that might be of interest to you and start following them. Also, tweet out phrases and takeaways from the conference and you’ll find other Twitter accounts following you in no time.

People Search

The oldie, but goodie option; and still a very useful way to find new accounts to follow. On Twitter.com, use the search bar at the top of the window and type in your query. It could be a hashtag, general search term, whatever you’d like. You may find the more general the keyword, the more you’ll have to sift through the results and the more specific, the more you may have trouble getting any results; a happy medium between the two is best.

Once you’ve entered your search term, you’ll see results for “Everything.” You may find this is a good way to find new followers, but I prefer to click “People” on the left hand navigation. This way, you’ll find accounts that regularly discuss your search term or, more often than not, include something about it in their bios.

people twitter search

Follow the replies

One of my all-time favorite ways to follow new accounts is by what I call “following the replies.” If I find a Twitter account with great information, I’ll typically scan the last 5-10 posts. If there’s an insightful reply to someone else, I’ll click on that account, and so on. While this process could be a black hole, it’s also a great way to find interesting new tweeps to follow!


One of my (newer) favorite ways to find new accounts to follow is by using the blogs I read. These days, nearly every website or blog is going to have the main social media accounts somewhere on the page. Be sure to follow these, but you can also dig a little deeper. More often than not, individual bloggers (especially when contributing to a large blog) include their personal Twitter accounts. This is a perfect opportunity to click that good ol’ “Follow” button!

With the huge numbers on Twitter today, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle or frustrated by having to scan through a ton of different accounts before finding some you’d be interested in following. But it doesn’t need to be that way! Follow these simple tips and you’ll continue to grow your Twitter network in no time.

What are your favorite tricks and tips for finding new tweeps to follow?

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