STOP! Complete These 4 Steps Before You Start Business Social Media Accounts

So everyone from your business partner to your mother’s 2nd cousin twice removed have told you that your business needs to be on social media. While they might be right, it’s important to…

STOP! And complete these 4 steps so that you start your company’s social media journey on the right foot.

1. Define your target market.

Without defining who you are marketing to via social media, you’ll never be able to reach your ideal audience. Start by asking yourself a few simple questions, including:

  • Who are your ideal customers?
  • What are their pain points?
  • Why should they buy from me?
  • What are their most common objections to doing business with me?
  • Who is not my target customer?

Define specific demographics information in order to determine which social media platform is right for you.

2. Do your research.

Use your target audience information, competitors, and tried and true data to define where your audience is. Below you’ll find general statistics about each major social media account.

social media platform

3. Create your social media accounts.

Create social media profiles on all of the networks that make the most sense for your target audience. Make sure you fill out each account in its entirety and pay close attention to:

  • Get the same username (or URL) for each social media platform.
  • Use the same (square) profile photo and (marketing) cover photo.
  • Fill out as much “About” information as possible, including contact information, website, and call-to-action.

Once your accounts have been created, be sure to link to your social media accounts from your website and blog. In addition, offer sharing tools from your blog and email newsletter to make it easy for your audience to share their favorite content.

website links

4. Experiment…and measure.

Social media incorporates a fair amount of experimentation. For example, experiment with the types of posts or content you create. At the same time, stay true to your measurements: continue doing what is working, and stop doing what doesn’t work.

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