How the Right Photography & Images Can Take Your Website from Ho-Hum to Drop Dead Gorgeous

What if I told you that you have the potential to gain or lose business because of the photography you use on your website or within your web presence (like social media)?

There is a big difference between good photography and great photography. Since an image is worth a thousand words, it’s critical that you’re using the right imagery to enhance your brand on your website. That way, your web visitors will better understand you and what you offer in just a glance.

You need to make a great first impression to your site visitors…and great photos are just the way to do it.

What to look for in a great image

There are a ton of different factors involved in finding the right imagery and photography for your website. Here are the biggest ones to pay attention to.

Focus on quality and size.

I see a lot of websites that are using low quality images or the wrong sizing, causing images to be grainy or warped. (This can be especially dangerous as we think about building websites that are responsive and can fit both smaller and larger screens.)

Your web designer or developer can help you determine the right sizing that you need, but typically a high quality image needs to be balanced with the file size. (You want a quality image that isn’t going to bog down your website load time.)

Be relevant and authentic.

Think of your imagery as doing the talking for your brand. What do your photos say about you and your company? Are they creating the dialogue you want to portray?

Make sure your photos and imagery directly relate to your niche audience. For example, when using imagery with people in them, do they speak to your target demographics? (In other words, do your images look like your target audience?) Do your images draw them in emotionally?

Do the creative images you’re using appeal to your target audience? Not sure? Ask them! Ask people who are in your target demographic which images they like the most before you incorporate them.

Avoid cliché stock photography.

How many times have you seen an image like this?

Your imagery should be as unique as your business. So stop using cliché imagery if you want to differentiate your company!

While there is only so far stock imagery can go for certain industries, try thinking outside of the box. How can you use imagery to support the overall feeling of your business?

It doesn’t need to be all handshakes and smiling business people on your website. Feel free to be creative with your imagery and incorporate colors or styling that gives potential clients a feeling of your business.

Look for images that enhance your copy.

It’s a reality that web users scan your content, so that means your potential customers aren’t reading every word you lovingly wrote. (And that’s ok!)

Be sure to back up your content with the right images that support it. You can also incorporate images as a helpful way to break content up and keep it exciting as readers go through your pages.

Don’t forget your call-to-action.

Use your imagery to enhance your call(s)-to-action. Persuade potential customers to take action by drawing them in with your image first, and then your call-to-action.

Whether you want your web visitor to sign up for your newsletter, grab a coupon, get a free download, give you a call, and so on, use your images to enhance the message for the action you want potential customers to take.

Where can you find great images?

Now that we’ve talked about what a great image involves, where the heck can you find them?!

In order to find powerful, unique imagery and photographs for your business, you have several options.

You can certainly take your own photos – this will ensure your imagery is truly unique. But if you’re not a photographer, it’s ok. You can use stock photography and still set yourself apart.

At red vine, we really enjoy using our subscription to Big Stock Photo, but your stock images don’t need to cost an arm and a leg! (For more on this, check out my post on 7 Cheap and Free Stock Photography Resources.)

The right imagery can truly take your website (and your web presence) to the next level, so look at your current imagery and ask if it’s following the rules above and taking your business to the next level.

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