Protecting Your Ideas (with Camille Wilson & Fernando Dutra from #RYSseminar)

This post is apart of my live blog notes from the Raising Your Standards Entrepreneurs Seminar (#RYSseminar). This session was led by Camille Wilson and Fernando Dutra, Owners of Wilson Dutra, PLLC.

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Types of Intellectual Property

  • Patents (inventions, methods of manufacturing, design)
  • Trademarks (“TM”, puts the world on notice about your business): these are national through the Trademark Office; otherwise it will be local.
  • Copyrights (right to print, publish, perform, film, or record): these protect you immediately
  • Trade secrets (customer list, protected against misappropriation)

How expensive is intellectual property?

  • Trade secrets: secrets cost nothing…you just have to keep them!
  • Copyright: a single copyright can be as little as $35.
  • Trademark: approximately $275 (and depends on industry)
  • Patent: it can start at $130, but go all the way up to $700

Before you do anything [re: Intellectual Property], always do a quick Google search. – Camille Wilson

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