How to: Take Your Own Business’s Advice

What’s that old adage? A carpenter lives in a box and a landscaper lives in a mud hole? Maybe I’m making that one up.

Either way, it’s easy to spend more time tending to your clients’ needs than your own.

The reality is that small businesses take a lot of hard work. There’s all of the day-to-day nonbillable administrative tasks that need to get done, along with regular billable work. Typically the last thing a business owner wants to do is the kind of work they’ve been doing all day for clients or customers.


Why should you take your business’s advice?

Reason #1: Let’s ignore the obvious: you’re giving your customers advice for a reason, right?! It sounds silly but if you truly believe in your product, brand, or service, you should be drinking the Kool Aid, too.

Reason #2: You can provide personal experience that what you’re talking about works. Whether it’s a mattress used by the store owner or the food at a restaurant, advice means so much more when you can share your personal experience (read: expertise).

Reason #3: Leading by example is a beautiful thing. Similar to the first reason, leading by example solidifies you as an expert in your field and that, again, you drink your own Kool Aid

How to take your own advice

The fix? Spend at least 30 minutes – 1 hour a day on your own business. That means as a marketing and web design company, that I should be spending about an hour a day on my own marketing. Truth be told, I go through bouts where I’m great at sticking to that and other times, I get behind. It’s just a sad fact.

However, making the commitment to spend time taking your own advice will prove to be that much more valuable for your company in the longterm. 

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