How to Stop Ignoring Your Blog

I’ve a confession. I’ve been naughty about blogging this month. With other (real, billable) work taking priority, I’ve ignored my typical 2 posts a week rule.

Sure, we’ve all had off writing days, but it seems that in the past few weeks, there simply hasn’t been enough time. And since I like to practice what I preach, I decided to write about some ways to combat the common ways we end up ignoring and abandoning our blogs.


First, a disclaimer

Do what works for you.

Some of the options below aren’t going to work for you, and that’s ok. What’s important is that you figure out what 1) what works for you, then 2) do it!

Schedule time to write

If you’re someone that doesn’t do anything without having an event scheduled on your calendar, do it! Add hour or two blocks a few times a week to do nothing other than sit down and write. Maybe you can even get through a few blogposts in that time!

Get ahead of schedule

There will always be a time when you don’t have the time, energy, or inspiration to get blogposts out there. So during the moments when you are inspired, be sure to create extra posts and schedule them ahead of time.

Write when inspiration strikes

We’ve all had moments when we’re suddenly struck with inspiration. Use those moments to your advantage! If you’re able to break from whatever you’re doing, do it. At the very minimum, jot down your ideas so you can come back to them later!

Think of times you’re inspired

Try to trigger ideas by using the times when you’re really inspired. For me, it’s when I’m in the car driving. I create Voice Memos on my phone and then play them back as I actually write the post.

Write about (almost) anything

Often, bloggers stress about writing the best post of all time…but that’s not what blogging is about. You can write a post about anything: an FAQ, a quick how to, an image-inspired post, a post based off of an article you read…the sky’s the limit, so get writing!

What about you? What are your favorite ways from keeping your blog from being ignored?

2 Responses to How to Stop Ignoring Your Blog

  1. I am SOO guilty of this the last……. 2 months maybe :/ Life happens, work happens, and the blog takes a backseat. Thanks for the inspiration to get back on schedule!

    • Michele, you and me both!!!! And you’re a busy lady 😉

      You know what I’d personally love to see from you – and you can totally take this or leave it – but it would be really cool to see all the great recipes you use 🙂

      Hope all is well!


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