How to Motivate Your Customers Online

No matter what business you’re in, one thing is important (and always right): your customer. Customers are the reason we are in business and it’s important to keep them happy, engaged, and motivated.

While new customers are great, they are also much more costly than getting business from existing customers. Between the marketing and sales time acquiring new customers, you’ll probably find spending the time on your existing customers is the key. So how do you spend your time with them online? How do you keep them motivated?


Find out who they are

It may seem counterintuitive to start here, but do you know who your customer is? Your ideal customer?

What do they look like, demographically? Where do they spend their time finding businesses like yours online? What interests them? What do they want to know about?

Find out what they like

Again, find out what interests your audience.

If you run a local hardware store and you have a blog and a Facebook page, sharing your specials on lumber may be great. But what about a blogpost on a great DIY project that you can do over the weekend? (And, oh by the way, you have all of the necessary tools and materials to complete said project.)

Perhaps you own a local coffee shop. Sure, I want to hear about the fact that you use local and organic coffee vendors, but how about sharing the story about one of those local vendors and why I should care? How about telling me why your baristas can make the coffee so much better and that’s why I have to come into your shop. Better yet, why not give me a special discount code on Facebook that I can use to get 20% off my next coffee?

The possibilities are endless. The key? Knowing what your customers like.

Use what they like to motivate them

What do our examples above have in common? Using what the customer likes to motivate them to make a move.

The hardware store: customers enjoy doing projects. You’re providing resources on doing projects as well as the tools to complete them.

The coffee shop: customers like coffee. You are motivating them through story telling, sure; but you are bringing them in the shop by offering discounts.

What do you do to motivate your customers?


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