How to Find Your Inner Writer (or How to Carrie Bradshaw the Hell Out of Life)

If you know me, it’s no secret that Carrie Bradshaw is my idol. Not only do I share my middle name with her first name (OK, that’s pushing the limit), but SJP’s character is an amazing writer, fashion goddess, and all around amazing human being.


While I’m convinced I could write a novel about the wonderment that is Carrie Bradshaw’s fashion sense (or really, Patricia Field’s), we’re going to talk about how Carrie’s Sex & the City column can inspire you to be a better writer. (Don’t worry, it’s not about the content.)

Ask tough questions

Even though Sex & the City was based around a newspaper column, it holds great lessons for the web.

Whether you’re a novelist or a blogger, asking hard hitting questions will set your pieces apart from the crowd. Ask tough questions when interviewing people for a post, ask tough questions when you end your posts; it’s simple: don’t be afraid to ask the hard questions.

Take risks

Writing is a never ending experiment. You’ll constantly learn about what works and what doesn’t no matter what type of writing you do. Will you have failures? Yes. But will you also have great successes? Absolutely.

As long as you remember that writing is a learning process and continue to take risks in your work, you’ll continue to grow as a writer and be far more successful.

Use real life experience

One of the things Carrie always did best was to draw on her real life experiences. Using our life experiences for inspiration helps create an emotional connection in your writing for both you (as a writer) and your reader.

This post, in fact, does that very thing for me. Relating a show like Sex & the City to writing isn’t far fetched, but it also isn’t your run-of-the-mill comparisons, either.

What are your tips and tricks for being a better writer?

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