How to Engage Your Customers (the RIGHT Way) Through Social Media

It’s ironic that I started writing this post before this situation made its debut, making it that much more obvious that engaging customers the right way via social media is a lesson not every company has learned.

Make them feel special

No matter how small or large your company is, it makes your audience feel good to be called out and made to feel special. Just think about your own experiences dealing with companies or major social accounts.

Case in point, I’m a regular viewer of the “LIVE! with Kelly & Michael” show.

One day, I tweeted to Kelly that I loved her necklace. I honestly didn’t think anything would come of it. I mean, why would it? Their account has thousands of followers, so why would they ever notice my little compliment?

While I didn’t get a response, I still got far more than I expected: a “favorite” from the @KellyandMichael crew. It was a small gesture, but I was ecstatic!


What’s the takeaway?

Even the 1 second it takes to favorite a tweet can make all the difference. As a regular viewer, I didn’t need the producers (who probably maintain the account) to favorite my tweet. However, the fact that they did makes me feel special as a fan…and that much more dedicated as a viewer.

Not only should you treat your audience like gold, but you should call them out on a regular basis. Share a post a customer sent to you and give them credit or give props to your best client or customer.

Respond to them

Do you remember how big @ComcastCares was when it came out? Revolutionary.

I had a situation with Comcast several years ago where I had a frustrating conversation with their online response team. Unfortunately, the Twitter conversation has since been archived, but what I remember is complaining publicly on Twitter to then have my complaints met by @ComcastCares, who immediately 1) apologized for the situation, and 2) asked for my email address so that a private conversation could take place in order to assess and fix the situation I was having.

What’s the takeaway?

Negative conversations are uncomfortable, but better left had than ignored. An unhappy customer will leave regardless, but they’ll also tell all of their friends why. There’s a chance by trying to rectify a situation, you could save a customer or – if nothing else – save the customer’s experience.

The customer is ALWAYS right

A business is always  going to have an issue with a customer or two. Maybe you (as the business) made a mistake. Or perhaps the customer was in a bad mood. Stuff happens and we all know it. What’s important is handling situations in a cool, calm, and collected manner.

If nothing else, this situation (and others like it) taught us that freaking out on a social (read: National) stage is not the proper way to conduct yourself.

What’s the takeaway?

Swallow your pride, even if a situation threatens it. Always take the high road and aim to please your customers. And if you simply can’t (we’ve all dealt with people who simply cannot be made happy), then you’ll rest easy knowing you tried your best!

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