How to Create a Business Page on Google Plus

google plusI still don’t know how I feel about Google+; it seems so cumbersome and clunky to me, even after being out there for a while. Regardless, I think it’s still important to be there now – as both yourself and as your business.

Step 1: Personal Page

To get started, you’ll need your own Google+ account. (If you already have one, proceed to Step 2.) If not, go to Google Plus and log into your Google account. You’ll be taken through the steps of creating your G+ account pretty quickly.

Step 2: Let’s go!

Go to your Google Plus page and click the “More” option, followed by “Pages”.

g+ for biz start

Step 3: Create your page

Click “Create New Page”.

create a new page

Step 4: Pick a category

What type of business do you have?

  • Local Business/Place: You’ll need your local phone number.
  • Product/Brand: Choose from a category.
  • Company/Institution/Organization: Choose from a category.
  • Arts/Entertainment/Sports: Choose from a category.
  • Other

pick a category step 1

Step 5: Create your page

Fill out the information indicated on the next screen.

add info step 2

Step 6: Multiple personalities

Google Plus will now take you through a tutorial of how you can edit/alter your business page; starting with your ability to switch back and forth between your personal page and your business page.

g+ step1

Step 7: Fill it all out

Complete your profile by clicking “Edit profile” and do your best to fill out all of the information possible.

g+ step2

Step 8: Start sharing!

You’re all done….so it’s time to start exploring and start sharing!

g+ step3

Connect with red vine on Google Plus or let us know what your business profile URL is in the comments below! 

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