5 Ways to Conquer a Bad Writing Day

We’ve all had bad writing days: those days where we feel either completely uninspired to write, or sit down with an idea only to find out that the writing isn’t flowing like you want it to.

It happens to the best of us; it’s happened to all writers of every skill level. From writer’s block to a run of the mill off-day, there are still things you can do to combat that bad writing day.


1. Don’t get frustrated

It’s easy to get down on yourself (and on your writing) when you’re having an off day. It’s also easier said than done, but…don’t. Just remember this feeling will pass; maybe only in a few hours, maybe in just a day or two.

Sidenote: If you’re under a deadline, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to anticipate days like this; they will come.

2. Get your ideas down

If you’re not getting hit with writer’s block and simply having an off writing day, still get your ideas down. Your writing may not flow as well as you want it to right now, but you can still get as much down as possible and come back to it later.

3. Go with something different

Sometimes it’s as simple as getting out of your own way when you’re having trouble writing. Whether you need to write about sometime else entirely or do something else entirely: distraction is the name of the game here. Often, if we get out of our own ways long enough to re-inspire ourselves, the writing will come!

4. Pull from your stockpile

If you need to publish a blogpost for the day, look back to your rainy day fund – (hopefully you have one) – and publish one of these instead. Rainy day posts are great for writer’s block days when you simply can’t get inspired.

5. Try again tomorrow

Last but certainly not least, don’t give up. Follow the steps above and when it’s just not working out, come back to it tomorrow. More often than not, you’ll be refreshed and ready to roll again.

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