How to Build Customer Engagement and Loyalty on Facebook

You’ve got your Facebook business page all set up, so now it’s time to start engaging your customers.


1. Listen and learn

Social media comes with a great level of experimentation. Use this opportunity to listen and learn to your customers. They will let you know what they like…and what they don’t like.

So listen…and learn from them. When they respond to your posts with likes and comments, create more of those type of posts. When your audience doesn’t engage with a post, don’t create those types of posts as often.

2. Create Social Content

There are a number of different types of content, including:

  • Creative content – unique content that will keep your audience interested
  • Branded content – bringing brand to life
  • Curated content – brand can tap into an expert and provide content that’s interesting to your community
  • Collaborative content – co-create/crowd source content with community

Your content should be a mix of all of these!

3. Engage and mobilize

“Behavior is motivation filtered through an opportunity.” – Facebook

Create virtual events and polls, but also mobilize offline. Your web strategy needs to align with your offline strategy, so make sure it does.

Tip 4: Amplify interactions

On Facebook, the more likes and comments on a given post will give it more exposure than others. You can also incorporate Facebook ads into your social media campaigns. By using Sponsored Stories, each post will be amplified.

How do you use Facebook for your business?

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