How to Become a Better Writer: 3 Tips for Improving Copywriting and General Writing Skills

Writing can be either a natural talent or a learned skill. Either way, it takes work to become better. For most natural-born writers, the following may come, well, naturally. For others, however, it’s going to take some extra work.


Practice, practice, practice

Whether you create poetry, blogposts, manuscripts, essays, etc., it’s going to be important to practice your art. You will never improve your writing unless you practice. Take the time to jot notes, create voice memos, and write, write, write!

Like fitness, I’ve also found it valuable to crosstrain. In other words, if you tend to be a blogger, try poetry or some short stories. This could help spark creativity, spice up your work a little, or simply be a fun exercise!

Read…all the time

We all have a favorite blogger, author, or writer…or two, or ten!

Make sure you stay sharp by reading other writers’ work. It will inspire you to try a different style, get new ideas, and spark your creativity in a subtle way. Even reading the newspaper everyday is a great way to improve your writing skills.

If you find you keep reading the same old things, try doing Google searches for some topics of interest to you. And don’t limit it to just work-related; read about topics that interest you in general.

Allow your creativity to flow

If you write at all for a living, there’s one thing that could become the bane of your existence: deadlines. Don’t allow deadlines to cramp your style. Start working early on a project so that you don’t end up scrambling last minute.

Also, know what situations spark your creativity. For example, I tend to get ideas for blogging when I’m driving in the car. Or, if I’m writing for a client, I like to listen to jazz or classical music (said to be extremely helpful for thinking/creativity) and sit outside (or somewhere comfortable) writing. Essentially, finding what works for you is the name of the game here.

What are your best tips for being a better writer?

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