How to Be a Better Salesperson

The resounding answer I hear from most entrepreneurs when they hear the word “sales” is I hate it or I’m not a good salesperson.

I hear you. I’ve been saying the exact same thing for over 10 years.

Client At Shop Paying At Cash RegisterThe reality? We’re selling when we don’t even realize it. We’re selling when we talk to friends of friends about our business. We’re selling when we donate money to charity and talk to them about our business. We’re selling when we teach.

We’re always selling and we don’t always realize it. So how about we flip this negative view of sales on its head? Here’s how to be a better salesperson.

10 Tips for Becoming a Better Salesperson

1. Build leads.

Let’s stop thinking of building leads in the traditional sense, shall we? That means your sales process should go beyond your marketing efforts. Use your previous clients, education, and more to engage your potential leads.

2. Be persistent.

Your leads aren’t going to convert overnight. Think about the last time you bought a product or service – how long did it take you to make the plunge? Did you check reviews, do your homework, and follow the company for a while before you actually bought?

3. Differentiate yourself.

No successful business is successful without being different. Show your customers how you stand out and why they should choose you over the competition.

4. Be direct.

Business is business. Don’t beat around the bush when it comes to what you offer; especially when it comes to pricing. We see a lot of business owners who have a difficult time with being up front and confident with their pricing.

5. Be yourself.

Part of what inherently sets your business apart is you. Show off who you are and share your story. Potential customers who align with your story with be that much more likely to want to work with you.

6. Educate your community.

Some of the most successful entrepreneurs we see are such because they educate their community. Whether you offer e-courses, books, webinars, blogposts, email newsletters, talks, etc., educate your community so they not only know you are the go-to expert, but so they get a taste of what you offer – and end up wanting more.

7. Never stop learning.

When you’re an expert in your field, you should never stop learning about it yourself. No matter how long you’ve been in business, there’s always more to learn or a new technology or finding to figure out. Stay on top of your industry by always learning more.

8. Stop cold calling.

When is the last time you converted a customer after hours of cold calling? Our guess is it’s been a while – or if you did, it took hours and hours to get a customer.

Here’s a very real example of why cold calling is so dangerous. What do you charge per hour? Multiply that by the number of hours it took you to convert a customer. That’s how much you just paid for that client.

9. Always be networking.

No matter who you’re talking to about your business – whether it’s your cousin or the CEO of a major corporation – always think of the opportunity as a networking one. Remember: you’re always selling, but you’re also yourself. Network (and sell) in your own unique way.

10. Do phenomenal work.

When your product or service speaks for itself, it will also sell itself. Do great work and sell a great product every single day.

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