How to Add Users in Google Analytics: An Update

Since we created this post, the way you add and change user permissions in Google Analytics has evolved. Here’s the updated step-by-step process.

First, in order to add anyone else as a user, you’ll have to have Admin rights.

Start by going to the Admin tab, which you’ll find at the very top of the page.


Next, navigate to the “View” section (all the way on the right) and click “User Management.” This will change the user settings for that specific website; although you can certainly choose to add/change user settings for multiple sites if that is how your Analytics account is set up.

user management

Last, but certainly not least, add or change your users on this screen. You’ll see whatever users currently have access at the top of your window, followed by an area to add new users.

user management 2

You can give users a number of different administrative permission options, and according to this post, here’s what they all mean:

  • Manage Users: Can manage account users (add/delete users, assign permissions). Does not include Edit or Collaborate.
  • Edit: Can perform administrative and report-related functions (e.g., add/edit/delete accounts, properties, views, filters, goals, etc., but not manage users), and see report data. Includes Collaborate.
  • Collaborate: Can create personal assets, and share them. Can collaborate on shared assets, for example, edit a dashboard or annotation. Includes Read & Analyze.
  • Read & Analyze: Can see report and configuration data; can manipulate data within reports (e.g., filter a table, add a secondary dimension, create a segment); can create personal assets, and share them, and see shared assets. Cannot collaborate on shared assets.

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