My Blogging Process: A Step-by-Step View Of One Blogger’s Methods of Madness

Having been in the online world for a number of years, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know bloggers of all shapes and sizes. One of the coolest things about that? Every single blogger not only has his/her own unique style of writing, but also a certain process of writing.


Since it’s often hard to start the blogging process for many business owners or those who feel the need to write down their thoughts in one manner or another, I thought I would share my blogging process. Enjoy!

1. The inspiration

When feeling inspired, I’ll start a draft in the CMS of my website. Typically, I’ll write the title down and may even jot a few sentences down.

Sometimes, if I feel ready to get the whole post down – even if it’s essentially word vomit – and I’m driving (which is typically when inspiration strikes), I’ll create a voice memo on my phone to transcribe later.

2. Actual writing

At any given time, I have tons of drafts going. On this particular blog, that number is currently 83. That means I have 83 drafts that are anywhere from basic ideas to half-written posts to full fledged posts that simply need a good edit. If I have the time and inspiration to write, I’ll choose the one I’m ready to do. Sometimes, that may change depending on news, time of year, etc.

3. Organizing thoughts

Next, I get the general structure or flow of the post going. Is it going to be a numbered list? Broken up by headers? Or will it be straight paragraphs? Will there be photos that I need to find? Embedded videos?

(As a sidenote, if the post is a numbered list, I’ll wait to add the number in the title as it really depends on how many items I come up with!)

4. Writing and restructuring

Often, as I’m writing, I think of a better way to organize a post. Maybe I change the one with straight paragraphs to have a little more formatting so it’s easier to read. Perhaps I take the introduction and move it down to the bottom because it makes more sense as a conclusion. More often than not, I’ll remove sentences or phrases that at first seemed witty or sections that don’t make as much sense anymore.

This restructuring phase also opens up the possibility for more posts. As I write, I watch the number of words I have and when that number starts going over, say, 750 words, I’ll start thinking about breaking up the post into multiple ones.

5. Finding a photo

Only after I finish a post do I go back in and add a photo that speaks to the post. While there are a ton of stock photography sites out there that you have to pay for, there are also some free and cheap photo options as well.

6. Final Read in Preview

Using WordPress, I use the preview option to read the final version of my post. Many times, seeing the draft in its final form with design and formatting can change the way I feel about the post. At this point, I’ll switch back and forth between preview and draft until I’ve perfected the post to my liking.

7. Publish!

Hold your breath and hit publish!

8. Share

You’re not done yet! One of the most important pieces of the puzzle is to share your blogpost. I go through the same steps each time by sharing on all of my business pages (Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus) as well as my personal Twitter and Facebook accounts.

And there you have it! What are some of your steps for blogging success?

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