How I (Finally) Got Comfortable with Sales [Part I]

“I hate sales.”

“I’m not a salesperson.”

These are sentences I’ve said more times than I can count over the last five and a half years of being in business.

But someone in business who hates sales? It sounds like an oxymoron, right? How could I possibly be in business and hate selling?

I agree. It’s ridiculous. There’s no way that I can run a successful business without selling. So I decided to make a change. I decided to get comfortable with sales. Here’s how I did it.

Change your perspective.

Changing your perspective about sales is two-fold. First: the overwhelming sales story many of us tell ourselves is that selling is slimy, that we are forcing people to buy from us, and that we are being too pushy.

Newsflash: No one is going to buy something from you that they don’t want to.

Unless you have some special mind trickery power that I’m unaware of, none of us are able to force anyone to do something they don’t want to.

Second, focusing on the fact that you’re selling can throw some entrepreneurs off their game. They may get nervous or unfocused while being aware they are “selling.” Changing your perspective about sales can be as simple as knowing and loving your product or service so much that you talk about it to potential clients…and it sells itself.

Embrace your product or service.

Speaking of knowing and loving your product or service, do you? Can you honestly say right here, right now that you know your product or service inside and out and, more importantly, that you believe in it so intensely that you want to shout the benefits from the rooftops?

If not, do the work to get there. If you’re still not there, maybe it’s time to reconsider what you’re offering.

The truth is if you don’t believe in what you’re selling, it will be painfully obvious to any potential customers you’re talking to.

In that vein, I’ve done a full service overhaul of what we offer at red vine, removing any unnecessary services or those that I simply do not enjoy doing anymore or no longer wholeheartedly believe in. Now, selling feels so much easier because I truly believe in every single service we offer.

Next time, we’ll finish this sales conversation off with two more tips. Ready to share what changed the sales game for you? Comment below and tell us!

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