How to Build a Better Email Newsletter

An email newsletter is a simple and easy way to be in front of both existing and potential customers. Email newsletters are unparalleled in their ability to reach a very specific customer base, along with one of the highest overall conversion rates of any digital marketing efforts you can participate in.

If you don’t currently have an email newsletter, you certainly should. If you do have an email newsletter, you can alway make it better. Here’s how to build a better email newsletter.

Give great advice.

Give away any and all information you have any know-how in…and become the expert in your subject matter.

Your email newsletter should incorporate the best of the best your content has to offer. Focus on a specific topic in each newsletter and really dive in. Focus on the value you’re giving your list.

Use tactics such as starting into content, then linking to your website for the rest of the article to entice readers to click to learn more. Or, link to multiple posts your target market would find interesting in your newsletter.

Create a great subject line.

People only spend two seconds on the subject of the email…and they only read the first two words before deciding whether they’re going to read your newsletter.

Imagine your most recent newsletter. Does it pass the two second/two word test?

Use your open and click through rates to give you a clear perspective on what content is working for your list…and what isn’t. Focus on the subject lines that are giving you better open rates…and the type of content that is giving you better click through rates.

Keep it interesting.

Stick to tips, numbers, and interesting information, rather than company news and things interesting to you. Not only do you need to give great advice, but you also need to keep your content targeted toward your target audience.

Consider your ideal customer: what content will interest them? What content will get them to click on your links? What content will cause them to convert into being a customer?

Keep your email newsletter focused on what matters: your customer.

Always be converting.

Whether you’re trying to get web visitors to sign up for your email newsletter, or you’re trying to get them to convert once they’re subscribers….always focus on conversions.

Try offering a free ebook, white paper, or video for subscribing to your newsletter. That way, they’ll get free content right away in their inbox.

Or, if you’re trying to convert existing subscribers, try experimenting with different calls-to-action that make sense for your business (e.g. free 30-minute call, free trial, introductory rates, additional free content they wouldn’t get otherwise, etc.).

How are you working to build a better email newsletter?

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