6 Steps to Creating a YouTube Account for Your Business

Sometimes, Google makes things more difficult in its effort to make things more simple. Case in point: YouTube business accounts. While it’s easy enough to create a YouTube account, it’s more valuable to create a business account.

Step 1

Start by going to Google Plus and creating a personal account. Then, select the Pages option.

photo 1a

Step 2

Click “Create page.”

photo 2a

Step 3

Choose the category your business belongs to.

photo 3a

Step 4

Once you fill out all of the information – including uploading your logo – switch over to YouTube. Then, select your business account.


Step 5

Once you click on your business account, you’ll be prompted to create a business YouTube channel. You’ll also be able to upload a cover photo and change settings for your business channel.


Step 6

Once you complete the last step, you’re ready to go! Remember that you can switch back and forth between your personal and business Facebook accounts within both YouTube and Google Plus.


Now get out there and start creating videos!

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