5 Easy Ways to Market Your Business When You’re Busy

It’s easy to market yourself when things are a little slow around the office. You’ve got some extra time and energy that you can devote to your marketing efforts, plus there’s always the undeniable pressure of needing that next job in order to keep yourself (and your team) busy with work.

But what about when things are busy? Your marketing efforts tend to quickly fall by the wayside when you’re busy with (what seems like) a million projects.

The reality is…this is exactly the time you should be marketing.

As many of us know, busy times are great, but are followed quickly – and inevitably – by dry spells. Keeping up with your marketing efforts will not only keep things from going stagnant for your followers, it will also help you start the sales process while you’re busy to keep your momentum going for (what would be) the dry spells.

Here are 5 easy ways to market your business when you’re busy.

1. Network

Networking events are great for creating new contacts, getting out of your comfort zone, and also getting business.

Going to a networking event every night isn’t only overwhelming…it’s also unrealistic. So don’t shoot for an event a night. Instead, try going to at least one event a month.

Not sure where to find events? Try searching for local networking communities in your area. (For example, here in the Greater Jacksonville area, we have Network in Jax, which is a catch-all for networking events in the area.)

2. Teach

Getting out of the house is important for me…as is sharing my experience and knowledge with others.

The perfect combination? Teaching classes and speaking!I speak monthly at a local Social Media Talk, quarterly for the local SCORE chamber‘s Achieve Your Business Dream series, and regularly at conferences (here are some recent ones: #RYSseminar and #WCJAX).

Getting out and sharing your expertise is beneficial for both networking and gaining new business by sharing just a bit of content. (Plus, it doesn’t hurt to keep those public speaking skills sharp!)

3. Create

Regularly creating content – from blogging to articles to videos to press releases – is an excellent way to continuously market your business.

You don’t need to create a new post every single day; once a week is just fine, as long as it’s quality content. And if you literally don’t have the time to commit, find a team member to help out. Or, find someone who creates content professionally.

4. Plan

I typically find – both with my own marketing efforts and with my clients – that the disconnect for marketing your business is often simply with poor planning.

By planning ahead, you’ll likely find that the minutes you simply can’t find in the day to market your business magically appear.

Here are a few examples of what I mean:

  • Schedule your social media posts for either the month or the week. That way, they’ll auto-post without you even needing to the think about it.
  • Block out time to write or create your content. Scheduling this time forces you to sit down and focus on what needs to be written.
  • Take the time to also plan for networking events, conferences, or speaking opportunities.

Often, simply getting things on your calendar or schedule can do wonders.

5. Hire

Last, but certainly not least, consider hiring a team or a professional to handle your marketing efforts on your behalf.

The simple fact is that if you’re just too busy to handle your marketing in-house, that someone needs to take it on for you. So whether you hire someone internally for your team or an outside agency, think about making the investment in your business and hiring someone.

How about you? How do you market your business when things are busy? 

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