3 Unique Ways to Stay On Top of the Web Marketing World (or Any Industry, For That Matter)

After signing up for the Agents of Change Conference in Portland, Maine this fall, I realized that it’s just one of the great ways to keep up with my industry. Originally, I was going to write about how to stay on top of just the web marketing world. Then I realized, a lot of this advice works for any industry.

Hit up conferences

Start by doing just that: going to conferences in your field. Conferences are not only a great way to stay up-to-date with what’s going on in your industry, but they’re also a fantastic place to network and meet important people in your niche.

In order to find conferences, simply do a Google search for “[your industry] conferences”. You can also find some close to home by adding your geographic location.

Your local Chamber of Commerce or SCORE chapter (if you’re a member of either) also offer many great sessions and conferences that might be of interest!

If you’re in the web marketing world, here are some great ones:

Follow the experts

Why worry about scoping out the best and most important news and stories on your own? Get help from the experts!

Find them on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+ and follow them to stay on top of your industry.

Web Marketing World

If you’re in the web marketing world, there are a ton of experts out there. Here are just a few of my favorites:

How to find experts in your field

You may be thinking: I don’t really know who the experts are in my industry. And that’s ok. Here’s how to find them.


Do regular searches. Search for your niche and then look to the left and click “People”, where Twitter displays some of the big wigs in your industry.

twitter search


Join groups or follow influential people that you already know of. Do searches in the group section for keywords in your industry and pick the groups you’d like to be apart of. Remember that groups are listed by the number of members, so you’ll get more bang for your buck .


Start by visiting your favorite blogs. More often than not, they will have social media links somewhere within the header, sidebar, or footer of their site. It’s a great way to find influential companies on Facebook, Gooogle+, and the other social networks we’ve talked about.

In order to find influential bloggers, look for the author bios at the bottom of a post. Often, you’ll find a link to their Twitter page or their own blog.

Attend webinars/podcasts

Similar to conferences, by doing a simple Google search for “[your industry] webinars” or even”[your industry] free webinars”, you’ll undoubtedly turn up with a ton of different possibilities.

Also keep a look out in your email. Many of the email newsletters I subscribe to send out information on upcoming webinars:


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