3 Reasons Why I Still Live Blog at Conferences

Since I started going to marketing conferences in 2008, I’ve always live blogged them. Live blogging, for those of you who have never seen it, is essentially putting your notes together in a semi-cohesive structure and publishing it on your blog.

When I started, live blogging was done by a lot of web marketers and bloggers alike, but live blogging is becoming less and less popular.

Why? Live blogging can be difficult to follow if it’s essentially just glorified session notes. Therefore, live blogging doesn’t have great value. And, as we know, modern content marketing is all about adding great value. In fact, I heard in an #INBOUND15 session today that another issue is that live blogposts don’t “live” far past the day they were published.

So why do I still live blog at conferences knowing that it’s not going to be as powerful as some other posts I might put together?

1. I’m putting together notes anyway

In college, I re-wrote all of my notes in preparation for a test. That’s how I learn best: by writing everything down.

Since I know I’m going to take detailed notes anyway, I figure I might as well share the value with others by posting it in a blog.

For that reason, I do very minimal formatting and adjustments. My live blogposts are what they are: my glorified notes. However, I do think you can still get the gist and some action items from them.

2. There’s still value for conference-goers

Since content marketing is focused on the audience, let’s be clear about the target audience for a live blogpost: a fellow conference-goer. Sure, you might have miscellaneous interest outside of your conference comrades, but they’ll likely be few and far between. (This is one of the biggest shifts from years past.)

For this reason it’s critical to post your live blogpost on your social media profiles. Using the hashtag provided at a conference (it’s 2015, every conference – tech or not – has a hashtag), post something fun and interesting about your post.

fb post


More often than not, you’ll get visitors from the conference and often engagement, too!

3. It’s still valuable for networking

Think about it. You just did a presentation for your peers and someone blogged about you, more than likely giving your website a link (which you definitely should) and giving you expertise. Would you want to share that content or perhaps thank them for that?

Of course!


While it’s certainly not the only reason to live blog, make sure you mention the speaker or their company in your social media post so that they see it.

By the way, if you want to see all of the live blogposts from#INBOUND15, check them out here:

Do you still see the value in live blogging at conferences?

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