3 Reasons Why A Website Is Like a First Date

A website…like a first date? Yes, you read that right.

Think about it: your website is the first impression for many of your visitors, just like the first date is the first impression for both people involved. And you know what they say about first impressions…you only have one chance at them.


1. You can’t come on too fast

Try to put on “the moves” on a first date and what will likely happen? You’ll get shut down.

Same thing goes for your website. If you come on too strong – too salesy, too forward, or otherwise too “in your face” – you’ll quickly lose your potential customers. Don’t overwhelm your visitors with too many ads, sales pitches, pop-ups, or dead-end pages. Instead, allow them to navigate your site as they please. Provide enough information for them to make a buying decision without pushing them over the edge.

2. You have to share your intentions

Ever gone on a date where one person was looking for more of a commitment than the other? It’s a good conversation to have the first time meeting someone.

Your website should do the same: give visitors an idea of what they can expect from your website and your company. Make your content intentional in its delivery. Make your values known. Make your potential customers aware that you’re in this relationship for the long haul.

3. You have to make it all about the other person

First dates that end in one person talking about themselves the whole time don’t usually result in a second date. It’s important to ask questions and find out about the other person.

Same lesson applies for your website. You may know how great your company is, but a new visitors needs time to buy in. In your copy, use more “you’s” than “we’s” or “I’s.” Provide resources and helpful information in a blog. Make your content all about one person, and one person only: the customer.

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