3 Easy Ways to Conquer Digital Marketing for Your Side (or New) Business Right Away

When you’re just starting out – whether with a side business or a brand new business – there’s plenty that feels overwhelming.

Digital marketing, depending on your knowledge, experience, and time commitments, is both a big opportunity and an overwhelming behemoth.

Stop and take a deep breath.

When it comes to marketing – or anywhere in your business, for that matter – it’s critical that you prioritize and refuse to get bogged down in the areas that don’t truly matter in the long run.

Here are 3 easy ways to conquer digital marketing for your business right away.

1. Know who you’re talking to.

Who is your ideal audience? When you close your eyes, can you picture what the person or people look like?

If you’re picture everyone, think again. No one has time to push out there message to everyone. Everyone is rarely going to be the audience for any business.

When you create content or information for your marketing efforts, it’s critical that you gear everything towards this audience. It will affect everything: from the way you speak and the language you use, to the platforms you use (such as your website, content creation, social media, and so on), the type of content you create (blogposts, articles, podcasts, social media posts), etc.

If you don’t know who you’re talking to, stop right now and figure it out.

2. Learn from others…and do it better.

It’s really important to get an idea of what else is out there before you taking too many steps into your marketing efforts for your business.

Find out: what’s being done already? What types of contents are similar companies creating? Are they successful in their efforts?

Find out what the competition is doing..learn from it…then do it better.

For example, if you find a like company is using Facebook as part of their marketing plan, are posting (seemingly great content) regularly, perhaps have a large fan base, but are getting no engagement; you may reconsider whether Facebook is right for your audience.

3. Build your website (or online hub).

Even as a company that designs and builds websites, I will be honest and tell you: a website may not be the right hub for every company. It’s certainly right for most, but perhaps not all.

For example, if you are an artist selling your handmade products, it may be a better choice to start off with an Etsy page over your own website at first.

In addition, it may not be the right choice to start off with a professionally designed website. It may be better to prioritize your budget needs and build your own site to start with. (There are plenty of decent services out there where you can do this!)

Regardless of what is right for you: build a hub for your business. There should be a single place where you always direct potential customers back to from any of your marketing efforts.

You should own this place as far as being able to control the content and the message. It could be a website (or blog), a Facebook group or page, or other social media profile. Be sure to have the setup to allow people to contact you in the way that makes sense for your business. Said another way, give people the opportunity to do business with you.

And there you have it…3 easy ways to conquer digital marketing for your new business right now!

What are you doing in your own business’s marketing efforts?

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