What’s New with Google Search Console?

This month, you’ll start getting a notification of the new Google Search Console, currently in beta.

Not sure if you have access yet? Try going here to check if your website now gets the new Search Console dashboard.

search console

There are plenty of new additions, new data, and changes that are meant to help webmasters of all kinds. Below you’ll find what’s different and what’s awesome about the new beta version.

What’s different


You’ll notice the changes immediately when viewing your dashboard. Search Console now serves up (Search) Performance, Index coverage, and Enhancements.


What’s awesome

More search data

Wahoo! This is a biggie for all those looking for additional search and keyword data.

In the past, Search Console has shared the past 90 days of keyword data with us, but is now showing a whopping 16 months’ worth!

Search Performance

Better issue monitoring

Search Console is getting smarter (and more communicative) about the issues it finds and shares with you.

That means that as you drill down into any issues within your site, you’ll get more information than ever before.

Better indexing

Similarly, the indexed pages now shared by Search Console will give you more information than ever. That way, you’ll be able to view what pages Google knows about – and the ones it doesn’t.

indexed pages

There is currently some overlap between the old and new versions of Search Console, as the new version is still being rolled out entirely. In the meantime, play around with the new features and enjoy the new Google Search Console.

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