How to Rebrand Your Facebook Business Page (Without Having to Create a New Page)

Whether you’re changing your business name, your last name (like me, soon!), or simply rebranding, here’s how to rebrand your Facebook business page (without having to create a whole new page)

In the example below, I changed everything from to my new (and re-branded) blog on Facebook.

Stay cohesive

If you’re changing the name of your business or simply your name on your Facebook page, start by staying cohesive on all platforms.

Double check that the page name/URL is available on all social media platforms so that you can stay cohesive and consistent. You can do this with a simple search of your desired name.

Submit your changes

On Facebook, you’ll want to go to your “About” section. Typically, you’ll find this on the lefthand side of your page.

fb about

Then, you’ll be able to edit the name of your page.

Please note: Facebook needs to confirm this change, so you could be waiting up to 48 hours for the change to occur. In addition, once changed, you cannot change your page name for one week, so make sure your spelling is accurate!

fb edit about

Click “edit” next to the name of your page to change.

Then, you can click “edit” next to your username. Again, keep things cohesive by changing this, as well. Your username should match on all social media platforms you are using, which is why the first step to stay cohesive is so important.

fb edit username

Wait for approval

Last, but certainly not least, you’ll receive a notification from Facebook on whether your name has been successfully changed or not.

fb name change

I received the message above in mere minutes after requesting the change but, again, you may need to wait up to 48 hours.

Please note: any one who likes your page will receive a notification of the name change, so make your change wisely!

Don’t forget

Since you’re rebranding, chances are that you have new imagery, as well. Don’t forget to switch out profile images and cover photos! (If you want an easy DIY solution, check out Canva for specially sized images.)

Have you ever rebranded a Facebook page? Did you struggle or did you find it simple?

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