On the Road to Entrepreneurship: Part Two (How’s About That Business Name?)

This series reviews my personal journey on becoming a business owner. I’m neither recommending nor suggesting you take the exact same steps I did. Rather, I’m sharing the story of how red vine came to be, including the trials and tribulations along the way. Read the full series here.

A business name. Seemingly simple, but oh-so-complex.

I love to write, so I thought this part would be simple. Boy, was I wrong.


My brother and I started at the beginning: what did we want out of a name? We didn’t really mind if it described the type of business we were doing, because we both love funky, eclectic names. So we came up with a list of what the name must accomplish for us:

  • Simple and sweet: something that flowed and wasn’t overly long
  • Memorable: a word/s that people would remember long enough to at least be able to Google us later
  • Right for the web: a name that we could easily get a domain name for online
  • Unique: not only do we like cool, eclectic names, but we also wanted someone that no one (or at least no one in our industry) had already
  • A name we both loved

The requests seemed simple enough, no?

Not so, my friend, not so. When we weren’t coming up with anything I loved, I looked for resources to help me on my quest. Amongst my favorite for naming tips, I found these two articles:

What followed was an endless month-long stream of emails, texts, and phone calls between my brother and I. Between the two of us, we probably threw out a thousand different possibilites.

All the while, we cross referenced with ideas for the logo (also important) with sites like graphicriver and StockLogos. We also started using business naming tools like Company Name Generator.

We enlisted help from family and friends, who inspired us, but weren’t necessarily a fan of the same things we were.

We knew we wanted to have a name plus a description to help speak to what we did. Amongst the descriptions we talked about included:

  • Media
  • Creative
  • Web Solutions
  • Web Studio (we both loved this, so…winner, winner!)

Finally…out of nowhere (perhaps it was desperation or the need to simply come up with something amazing), we decided: red vine web studio.

Step 3 (the name), check. Next on the agenda? Legality.

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