On the Road to Entrepreneurship: Part Six (The Business Card and Using It)

This series reviews my personal journey on becoming a business owner. I’m neither recommending nor suggesting you take the exact same steps I did. Rather, I’m sharing the story of how red vine came to be, including the trials and tribulations along the way. Read the full series here.

Once you’ve got your website designed, the business card can quickly and easily take shape. I got lucky, as my brother is a great designer and created beautiful cards for us.

Here’s the finished product:





How to Create a Great Business Card

After reading some great posts on the subject, here’s what you need to know about creating a great business card:

  • Easy-to-read and understandable.This is an easy one: make sure that your font is legible and large enough. Also make sure that someone could quickly and easily tell what you do with a quick glance at your card.

  • Keep the important details without overdoing it.You need to have: your company name, your name, your title, your phone number, your email address, and your company website. Try not to add much more, as cards can easily get cluttered.
  • Make it unique.You want your card to be memorable so that when you hand it out, it doesn’t get shoved in a pile with others or, worse, thrown in the trash.
  • Get good quality. Obviously, you don’t want to have your business cards printed on a piece of paper or even on Cardstock out of your printer. At the same time, you don’t need to spend thousands for business cards. Using a service like Vistaprint is a great (and cost effective) way to get good looking business cards.

How to Get Rid of the Cards

Now you’ve got beautiful business cards…it’s time to get out there and hand them out! Here are some ways to give them out.

  • Always keep them on you. Always have a stockpile on you. (I find keeping them in my wallet is easiest.) That way, if and when an opportunity presents itself, you’re able to hand them out.
  • Friends and family. Who are your biggest cheerleaders? The people that love you most, of course! Hand out a few business cards to your friends and family so that when they brag about you and your business, they’ll have your contact information to pass along as well.
  • Any meetings. Obviously, it goes without saying: going into a meeting with a potential customer or client, you need to have those business cards on you!
  • Chambers of Commerce. Joining your local Chamber of Commerce or SCORE chapter is a great way to network. And, you guessed it, a great way to hand out those cards!
  • Other Networking Events. There are plenty of other networking groups you can find via Twitter, LinkedIn, professional organizations, etc.

Step 7, check. Now that you have your business cards printed and are working on handing them out, it’s time to snap up those social media profiles and start using them!

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