Marketing to Teens? Stay Away from Facebook.

If your business is one that targets teenagers, it’s vital that you keep their current social media flavor of the month in mind. While your teen targets’ parents will love engaging with your business on Facebook, their teens will prefer other networks.


Go mobile

It should be no surprise that teens love their smart phones. In fact, according to this recent article, teenagers spend over 7 hours a day on their phones. That means that your marketing plan needs to be optimized for mobile devices.

Starting with your website, ensure your site is responsive and ready to be accessed easily via mobile. Then, any content that you create – from your blogposts to email newsletters to social media content – should be easily accessible via mobile as well.

Connect on their level

For teens, social media is where they like to connect. Speak their language and engage with them on their favorite network(s).

Keep up to date with current trends and get creative with your marketing strategies to engage your teen audience.

Takes one to know one

If you’re not able to get inside the head of your teen target audience as well as you wish, why not get one on board?

Consider hiring a local intern and using the teen employee to better understand the audience. No one knows a teen better than a fellow teen.

Use the right network

Social media platforms come and go and what’s popular for the teenage population is likely much different than what their parents enjoy using. As we’ve discussed, it’s crucial to stay on top of this. After all, there’s no sense trying to engage with an audience on a network they don’t use.

Be consistent with your testing and regularly check to ensure you’re always using the best network(s).

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