Making Connections (with Elizabeth Pampalone from #RYSseminar)

Elizabeth-PampaloneThis post is apart of my live blog notes from the Raising Your Standards Entrepreneurs Seminar (#RYSseminar). This session was led by Elizabeth Pampalone, Queen of Networking at Network in Jax.

Myth #1: Networking is fake

Many of us run into “fake” and unauthentic entrepreneurs. This makes networking feel fake.

“Real”ationships: there’s nothing to fake about it.

  • You won’t be best friends with everyone you meet
  • Don’t rule it out
  • Strategic relationships give you more control over your career
  • You never know who they know

Myth #2: It’s about you

Givers gain: expect nothing

  • Don’t expect immediate gratification
  • Help first, ask later
  • Nothing venture, nothing gained
  • Find interesting people
  • Get involved

Myth #3: It’s about sales

The hard sell is everything. (- Said no successful salesman ever)

  • It’s an ongoing process
  • It’s not about getting the “job”
  • Make people feel valued

Myth #4: Online Networking

LinkedIn, Facebook Groups, etc. are great…but they are not networking. Quality networking happens on your feet, face to face.

  • Handshake
  • Body language
  • Gut feeling
  • One to one
  • Video conferencing

Myth #5: Your pitch is fine

Your pitch is a living thing. Elizabeth recommends having 2-5 ready to go. The types of pitches you should have include:

  • 15 seconds
  • Introductory
  • Tagline
  • Educational

Other truths

Everyone is important.

  • The biggest fish aren’t always the ones to fry.
  • Make it happen.
  • Network beyond your industry.
  • Networking is NOT fast.

Networking Tips

  • Focus on one to two people per event
  • What makes you want to engage with them?
    • Exposure to a person/company
    • Expertise you would like to learn from
    • Potential client
    • Potential referral source
  • Being helpful is being memorable

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