How to Write Content Your Audience Will Love

Whether you blog, tweet, Facebook, or YouTube, you’re probably creating content for the web if you’re a business owner. If you learn nothing else, remember to create valuable content that your audience will love.

How do you create that content? Here are a few helpful tips.


1. Make it awesome

Write it well. Spend the time on a post to make sure it’s well written. Watch out for easy errors like grammar and especially spelling; those are quick ways to lose the trust of your audience.

Make the content amazing. There’s a big difference between writing for the web and writing for other mediums: less is more. Often, it’s about editing, rather than writing your content.

2. Make it something they can’t NOT read

Pull them in quickly. Start with a great title or headline that will grab someone’s attention. Then keep it with thought provoking content. Our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, so that means you need to capture your audience immediately.

Write about what your customers are already talking about. What are the questions you get from customers on a regular basis? These are questions people are searching for online and are often the perfect blogposts.

Speak to your audience’s insecurities. It may sound harsh, but speaking to insecurities is a great way to entice your customers to click. Whether it’s “Why Your Yard Is Covered In Weeds” for a lawn business or “How You’re Getting Lower Gas Mileage and Didn’t Even Know It” for a car dealership, these type of posts establish you as an expert and get your audience to click for more information.

3. Make it fulfill your customers’ needs

Answer a question. Often, blogposts or other web content leaves visitors hanging with a prompt to buy a product or service

Give away information. The reality is you could easily teach yourself how to blog or do SEO or even build websites. And that’s ok for the Do-It-Yourselfer. Time is money, though, and while we’d all love to save money, it’s often better in the long run to hire an expert. So show that you’re the expert and give away content!

At the end of the day, you’re running a business. Your online content is meant to sell more of your products or services, whether that is a short- or long-term plan. Try these tips to take your content to the next level.

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