How to Connect to (and Succeed with) Your Audience on Facebook: A Case Study

Certain businesses or organizations succeed on Facebook, while others will do better on Twitter or Instagram or on another marketing medium entirely. While there are a number of factors that will determine whether or not a business succeeds on social media, I’ve learned one thing is certain: sometimes you never know what will happen unless you go for it.

Recently, I helped with the launch of a Facebook page for my high school alma mater. The premise is based on a website called Maranacook Memories created by the daughter (and current student at MCHS) of a colleague. The site shares virtual yearbooks, digital voice interviews of teachers and alumni, and is a general place to share memories. The Facebook page was meant to drive an audience to the website, but also create a place for conversation, photo sharing, and more.

The result? A response that none of us expected: an overwhelming 1,000+ (and still growing) likes in a matter of two weeks!

mcs memories

While none of us were prepared for the amount of interest the page would get (and as a result, the website), it makes sense. After thinking through it, there were a number of factors that lined up which made this page a success.

There was a need

This small Maine high school has yet to have a central hub for alumni and current students to connect and share memories. We’ve seen alumni from every decade comment and share photos from high school, as well as be excited to connect with old teachers and classmates.

In the future, I see the page as a place for communication for everything from reunions to general news and everything in between. The possibilities are truly endless.

There was an audience

Between the student who created the site, myself, and several other alumni, we were able to ask our friends who also attended the high school to like the page. What we didn’t expect is the overwhelming snowball that we created as friends of friends heard about and also liked the page. In the social media realm, this is not unlike the perfect storm: a number of elements aligning in order to create a wonderful outcome.

There is content

With years and years of yearbooks and countless photos at our disposal, we are able to post content daily. This is important for two reasons: 1) it continues to keep an existing audience coming back to the page regularly, and 2) it means continual growth of the page’s audience through degrees of separation.

This constant content is vital for a Facebook page’s survival, growth, and success.

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