How the Holiday Season Teaches Us About Google Trends and Blogging

Google Trends, once Google Insights, is a great way to get insights (get it?!) about your audience.

Timely searches

Certain times of year, weeks, or even days are better for your blogposts or articles. And Google Trends can help. With Trends, you can see hot trends, monthly trends, and more.

Take a look at the month of November: you’ll see results based on the news, sports on the weekends, and my favorite: “How to Cook a Turkey” two days before Thanksgiving.

thanksgiving trends

Interest over time

Start by searching for one of your main keywords; in this example I used “SEO.”

You’ll get to see the trends over time: is your search term losing steam or gaining it? Are there spikes depending on the time of year? Learn all this and more from the initial graph on Google Trends.


Then you can get interest based on geographic location.

Related searches

Perhaps the most helpful, you’ll learn which related searches were made. This is a great way to learn more about the longtail searches made about your subject.

Compare search terms

Last but not least, you can compare your search term with other terms.

Now get out there and start Trending!

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