Happy 10th Birthday, Facebook: A Look Back at Facebook’s Biggest Changes

Today, Facebook turned 10. Can you believe it?! Even as an avid Facebooker for over 8 years, it’s crazy to think that a social network has been around for that long. With a number of changes and celebration this week, let’s look back at fond Facebook memories.

How has Facebook changed?

Back before News Feeds, ads, and even commenting, Facebook was a much simpler social network. Here are some of Facebook’s most memorable changes:


Photos/Albums: In the original version of Facebook, you were only able to have a single profile photo. You couldn’t upload multiple photos, an album, and you certainly couldn’t upload from your smart phone…since smart phones weren’t around yet!

Commenting/Liking: Short of viewing person’s profile, there wasn’t much you could do or see after status updates were created. Comments were born first, followed by the ability to “like” posts and photos.

News Feed: Before the main News Feed we know and love was born, each profile was gifted with it’s own separate Mini-Feed, where the user’s activity was displayed.


Business Pages: Facebook began offering business pages as a way to take businesses away from creating personal pages or groups. They also moved from “Become a fan” to “Like” for business pages.

Ads: It didn’t take long for Facebook to follow many other sites in making money through advertisement. For many years, Facebook ads were significantly less expensive than Google AdWords or other search campaigns; though these days, depending on the industry, Facebook ads are comparable.


How is Facebook celebrating?

There are a few fun ways Facebook is letting you celebrate their 10th anniversary. Check out your Facebook Lookback video by visiting this page. You’ve probably seen your friends’ videos or the #Facebookis10 hashtag.

Interested in seeing what user you were when you joined? Go to https://graph.facebook.com/[username]. I was #172,700,110.

What are your fondest Facebook memories?

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