Why Giving Away Free Content Will Build Your Business


It’s a price tag that we love as consumers and hate as business owners.

But what if I told you it could be a win-win for both? What’s more, free content isn’t just a recommendation any more; it’s a must for businesses to not only survive, but thrive.

Here’s why giving away free content will build your business.

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Establish your expertise.

First and foremost: creating content will establish you as an expert in your field.

Many of my clients get intimidated and become worried about providing free content.

“Won’t that mean I’m teaching people to do what I do?!” you may be wondering. It could, yes. But the benefits far outweigh this risk.

Here’s why: the DIYers of the world are likely going to DIY no matter what great content you give them. They’re not your target audience right now, anyway. But hey, they could be in the future!

For most, if you strategically give away valuable content, you’ll more likely end up gaining customers.

But, let me be clear, I’m not suggesting that you should give away your best kept secrets or every single bit of your industry know-how. Give away what makes sense and what potential customers could find anywhere, but prefer it from you and only you!

How it builds your biz: Once someone sees how many steps are involved in your work or simply how much valuable work it is, they’ll realize that hiring an expert is their best option. Since you provided the great content, they’re more likely to hire you!

Expand your creativity.

It’s scientifically proven that being creative in any one area of your life will help positively improve your creativity in other areas, too.

Creating content doesn’t need to look the same for everyone. If you’re not into blogging, that’s ok. Your content creation could come in the form of giving presentations, creating videos, or engaging through social media.

How it builds your biz: Getting creative by sharing free content will help you grow and expand in ways you never thought possible in other areas of your business (and personal life, for that matter). Inevitably, this will lead to more success.

Get even more focused on your audience.

At the end of the day, you are in business to serve your clients. Think long and hard about what type of content and subject matter would bring value to them.

Creating content specific to your target audience is always going to be better than creating content for content’s sake. And this has an added benefit: you’ll get even more clear on your target demographic and what they’re looking for.

How it builds your biz: Getting crystal clear on the audience you serve will help you speak to them even better, as well as provide even more valuable content.

Put it on repeat.

Most people won’t see your content.

Put that on your wall, on your desktop background, and tattoo it on your forehead.

We (myself included!) need to get out of the close-minded perspective that everyone in our community is seeing every single piece of content we’re putting out there.

The problem with this mindset is that we feel like everything we talk about needs to be 100% fresh and original, but it doesn’t. Now, I’m not suggesting that we can’t package the messaging differently to make things a little more interesting. But the fact remains: we don’t need to reinvent the wheel every single time.

How it builds your biz: Did you know that most conversions don’t happen with less than 7 touch points with a business? That means that you have to be in front of your potential audience member no less than seven times before they become a customer. If there is educational content that you can continue to share, in slightly different ways, it’s crucial that your audience hears it.

Hopefully you’re now convinced that you need to be getting free content out into the world. (And if you need help doing it, we’re here for you.)

What kind of free content are you creating for your business?

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