How I (Finally) Got Comfortable with Sales [Part II]

Last time, we started talking about getting comfortable with sales by changing your perspective and getting comfortable with your product or service. Now, we’ll dive into two more ways that I (finally) got comfortable with selling for my business.

Practice, practice, practice.

Even after you’ve changed your perspective and gotten confident about what you’re selling, you’re not going to be perfectly eloquent starting day one. You have to practice first.

Get comfortable with introducing yourself (AKA an elevator pitch that feels good to you), talking about your product or service (or rather, gushing about your product or service), and being available for a sales opportunity no matter where or when it presents itself.

This last point is one I think that gets lost on some, and certainly evaded me for longer than I wish it did. Remember that talking to anyone about your product or service could end in a sale – maybe they know someone who would love to work with you or maybe they are your ideal client. You never know!

Need a place to practice? I love using speaking engagements as a place to practice my latest introduction or sales pitch. I also use it as a test for how well I did: do attendees ask a lot of questions like “what do you do again?” or “where can I find you again?” While it’s great that they’re interested, I’m also using that as a queue for myself for next time to remember to be much more clear about those points.

Be open and willing to receive clients.

This one has become a more recent practice for me, and boy oh boy, does it work!

I don’t care what your beliefs are as far as spirituality or manifestation, because if you are not open to accepting new business, more clients, and more money, it will not find you. Plain and simple.

A quick personal note: I’m four months shy of maternity leave at the writing of this post. While I plan on coming back to work as soon as possible after my son is born, I knew that throughout my pregnancy, I wanted to work harder than I ever have before. I knew I wanted to be open to new business and new clients in a way I’ve never been focused on it before. After all, I’m now going to have a child to think about!

To that end, I’ve started actively trying to show my openness to new sales opportunities to the universe. I proactively follow the sales points I’ve already talked about, but I also practice things like mantras (think: “I am open and willing to receiving more income”) and other manifestation techniques to show I’m willing and able to receive new sales. If that feels a little hippie dippie to you, 1) I don’t blame you. I used to think so too, and 2) what do you really have to lose by trying? Because guess what? It’s working.

Being more open to accepting sales could be as simple as accepting a speaking engagement you were too nervous to accept before. It may mean proactively attending one networking event per month to get your name out there. It may mean engaging your existing customers more to upsell them on products or services they may not have known you offered. You never know until you try.

Ready to share what changed the sales game for you? Comment below and tell us!

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