Facebook Admin Roles: Which Admin Role is Right For Your Page?

If you manage a page on Facebook, you may have noticed that you can apply one of five roles to each administrator.

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You’ve got a lot to choose from: Manager, Content Creator, Moderator, Advertiser, and Insights Analyst. Just by looking at the list, there’s no way to tell what type of access one admin would get over another.

So…what do they all mean?

fb admin roles

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Insights Analyst

As an Insights Analyst, you’re only able to view the Insights for the page. This role may be helpful for anyone in your company who is directly (or perhaps indirectly) responsible for gaining more engagement on the page, but who doesn’t need to add, edit, or change anything. Perhaps they even contribute themselves and it’s valuable to see Insights because of that.


Advertisers can view Insights as well as create ads for the page. This role is perfect for a consultant you’re putting in charge of creating ads, but not content. It’s crucial that they also see the Insights as they work on your ads, as well.


A Moderator can see Insights, edit ads, plus send messages as the page and respond to and delete comments. Essentially, the only thing a Moderator is unable to do is create content for the page. This role is ideal if you only want one person in charge of creating the posts on the page, but would like multiple individuals to have the ability to comment and respond as the page. Often, it’s best to only have one voice in charge of the actual content creation.

Content Creator

The Content Creator is that one (or even two) voice(s) on the page. They’re able to do everything the Moderator can, plus the ability to post as the page, edit the page, and add apps. Again, the Content Creator is an ideal role for the person in charge as “acting as the page”. Moderators are helpful for Insights and continuing the conversation, but the Content Creator starts it.

Content Creators also have the ability to edit the page (which you probably wouldn’t want everyone to be able to do) and add Apps (which, again, should be left to one or two people).


Last, but certainly not least, are the Managers. This is the default role Facebook pages are set to, so if you’re not careful, you could miss this when adding your admins. The Manager has access to everything that the Content Creator does, with the addition of being able to manage admin roles for everyone on the page.

Again, this role should fall to one or two people, as they are also able to add/edit content. However, there is no need to have a Content Manager(s) when you could simply have Manager(s).

Admins, Admins, Admins

In the end, this (relatively) new option for different admin roles is great for companies who have multiple people responsible for a page. Pay special attention to what each role can do before assigning them to your new admins!

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