Entrepreneur Funding Opportunities (with Richard Cuff from #RYSseminar)

Richard CuffThis post is apart of my live blog notes from the Raising Your Standards Entrepreneurs Seminar (#RYSseminar). This session was led by Richard Cuff, CEO of CTI Marketing.

“Entrepreneurship is a spirit.” – Richard Cuff

7 Stage Development Process

  1. Visualize: anything goes, dream big in this stage
  2. Consultation: write down that vision and start talking to people about it
  3. Planning: turn your plan into actionable steps
  4. Implementation
  5. Control: it’s a myth, you think you have it until you lose it. Instead, but prepared.
  6. Completion: compelete everything on your list
  7. Evalutation

7 Habits of Greatness

  1. Forgiving
  2. Releasing
  3. Loving
  4. Giving
  5. Expecting
  6. Sharing
  7. Silence

7 Steps of Overcoming Adversity

  1. Adversity builds character
  2. Find the courage within
  3. Keep your eye on the goal
  4. Cherish the small beginnings
  5. Know that it’s ok to QUIT, as you RUN and FIGHT and PRAY
  6. Develop the ability to keep getting up
  7. Turn your scars into trophies

Are you the next crowdfunding billionaire?

Types of crowdfunding

  • Donation-based: such as Go Fund Me pages
  • Rewards-based: you get something out of this type of funding
  • Debt-based: regulated crowdfunding
  • Royalty-based: make percentage on donation
  • Equity-based: frees up capital and creates jobs, new as of May 2016 (2012 Jobs Act)

How crowdfunding works

  • Put money in a savings account that is matched
  • Use that investment to take that money to your crowdfunding
  • Give funders a percentage of the business (taking Wall Street to Main Street)

“If you begin now, you can always wait before you start. But if you wait before you start, you will never begin.” – Richard Cuff

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