The 4 Basic Social Media Business Rules for Success

Social media doesn’t have to be a scary phrase for your business. In fact, you can make it very successful campaign by doing the right things. That’s where rules come in.

Follow these basic rules to make social media work for your company.

know the rules

1. Post regularly.

A question we often hear is “how many times a week should I post on my social media accounts?” The answer will vary on a few things:

  • What social media account are you posting to?
  • How much content do you have to post?
  • How much time do you have to post?

So, as you can imagine, that answer will vary from business to business.

What will always remain the same? Post regularly.

If you do nothing else, make sure you post regularly on each account. That means that if you decide to devote at least one post a day to your Facebook account, be sure that you do it. Nothing will lose your audience quicker than sporadic posting (e.g. three posts one day, nothing for three days, then one post, then nothing for two days, then four posts one day, and so on).

2. Be yourself.

Yes, you’re a business. But even the driest of industries can show off their personalities. After all, what else better than your personality to separate you from your competition? Your social media accounts are the perfect place to do that.

How are you yourself? Share posts in a unique way. (If you’re snarky, be snarky. If you’re fun loving, be fun loving. If you’re serious, be serious.

One of my favorite examples of this is the Bangor, Maine Police Department. Think about it: a police department needs to be a pretty serious place, right? But their social media guru has a lot of fun and engages their audience in a wonderful way. Here are a few examples of posts they put together:

bangor pd 1 bangor pd 2 bangor pd 3

3. Share great content.

Good content won’t cut it. You need to share great content every single time.

Great content is the kind that your audience will love and engage with. It’s the kind they’ll like, comment on, and share.

It takes time to create great content – whether you’re creating it from scratch or seeking it out from an outside resource. Spend the necessary time to create or seek it out. If you don’t, you’ll be hearing crickets chirping on your social channels.

4. Measure, measure, and measure again.

Measurement can’t be stressed enough when it comes to your social media efforts.

Measure everything that you do – and how your audience reacts – so that you can continue to improve and succeed with your social accounts. Think about it this way: without measuring, you’re essentially putting content out there and hoping for the best. Meanwhile, you could be learning from your efforts and making the most out of your time by listening to what your Analytics are telling you.

These days, most social networks offer measurement or Analytics options. However, there are also plenty of social media management tools out there that offer comprehensive data and statistics in one easy-to-use place.

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