5 Tips for How to Make Time to Read (and Become a Better Writer)

To be the best writer you can be, it’s important to also do plenty of reading.

Outside of learning new things or a new story, reading more will help you learn new (and possibly better) ways of writing, including style, tone, genre, and more. Reading others’ work – both similar and different content than your own – will also help inspire you by exposing you to new ideas.

Here are some 5 key tips to making time to become a better reader (and therefore writer).

1. Carry a book with you

It’s easy to forget to read when you don’t have reading material on-hand. Always have your book (or your other favorite reading material, such as a newspaper or Kindle) with you, as you never know a good opportunity for reading.

For example, if you end up taking public transportation or want to spend some time relaxing on your lunch break, reading is the perfect activity.

2. Listen to audiobooks

Listening to audiobooks are one of our favorite ways to “read.” While a slightly different way of absorbing content, audiobooks are great for the on-the-go reader.

We love audiobooks while driving in the car, doing chores around the house, or some other mindless activity where you need to use your hands and eyes, but are able to listen to something consciously. With a great many books converted into audiobooks, you can listen to nearly anything you’d like!

3. Pick short books

If you’re busy, a long book may feel daunting. If this sounds like you, try shorter reads in order to get through them without forgetting where you were or getting overwhelmed with the length.

4. Read what you love

Reading should be enjoyable. Don’t feel like you have to force yourself to read something simply because it’s a classic or you “should” be reading it.

Instead, read what inspires and intrigues you. Stick with an author or genre you like. Or, experiment with different content if that’s your style. Regardless, read the books (or articles) you love.

5. Stick to a schedule

When you’re reading regularly, it’s critical you commit to a schedule. After all, it’s not only important to become a better writer, it’s also a healthy habit that’s great for your mind and your soul.

Block out specific times to read if that’s helpful for you, and commit to them. It doesn’t need to be hours on end – perhaps 20-30 minutes a day is plenty for you. Certain times of day may also make more sense for your schedule such as first thing in the morning, during your lunch break, or winding down before bed.

It doesn’t take much to become a better reader, and the benefits from doing so will be endless. Try these 5 easy tips today and you’ll be reading more in no time!

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