4 Reasons Why You’re Making the Mistake of Not Creating Content

So many businesses make the mistake of forgetting – or simply refusing to create – valuable content. After all, content is still king, and everyone has something valuable to add to the conversation.

If your business isn’t already creating content, you’re making a big mistake. Here are four reasons why.

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You’re not trying.

When faced with the idea of creating content, businesses of all sizes throw in the towel before giving it a real shot. Creating content is overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.

Creating valuable content can be more simple than you realize when you’re creating something that makes sense for your business and your audience. The real question isn’t how do you create content? It’s how do you add value to the conversation?

So before you give up on content creation, start by considering it.

You’re making excuses.

Time. Money. Lack of ideas.

These are all excuses – and I have a rebuttal for each…don’t you worry.


Time is the biggest excuse of all. You don’t have time to think about content creation, let alone the time to create it.

How about hiring out your content? (Perhaps to a firm like ours?!) You can also consider hiring an intern to create social media copy.

An internal employee (or two) may find an hour a week to blog or create content. Or better yet: you build it into every employee’s schedule by regularly receiving ideas, posts, photos, and videos from everyone in the team.


As you saw above, finances don’t need to be the end-all-be-all when it comes to your content. Interns can be paid at a fraction of the cost as your full-time employees or contracted firms. Similarly, you’re already paying your full-time employees…why not look to them for help?

And lastly, think of hiring digital marketing firms as an investment, rather than a cost. If the firm is doing their job, their work should pay for itself in no time at all.

Lack of ideas

I just have two words for this: Google it.

If you don’t think there’s anything in your business or your industry to be creating content about, you needn’t look any further than Google. There, you’ll find an abundance of information about what you do and, likely, by your competition.

Here are a few helpful ways to create content:

You’re not using opportunities.

A customer asks the same question a hundred other customers have asked before him/her.

You send the same email tutorial you’ve sent a thousand times before.

You read an article and consistently say to yourself: “I should’ve written something like this.”

These are all perfect examples of opportunities where you should be creating content…so use them!

You’re thinking too much.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard clients say “it’s not right” or “it’s not perfect” when it comes to their content.

Sometimes, you just need to put it out there, my friend.

Pushing the “publish” button the first few times can be terrifying. But rather than reviewing your work with a magnifying glass for hours on end, it’s often better to push it out and see what comes of it.

So stop thinking too much about your content and just get it done.

How have you made the mistake of not creating content? Share with us in the comments below!

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