How to Make a Popup Execute Once per Session in WordPress

Start Session First, you’ll want to register your session by placing the following in your functions.php file. Create Popup Here we’ll ensure our popup only loads once per session by incrementing our ‘popup’ session variable. Include your popup markup and javascript within the following:

A Real Life Reason Why We Love Google Webmaster Tools

Recently, we relaunched our website. While we try to take all of the precautions we can as a web development company (like using 301 redirects), we certainly aren’t perfect. Upon logging into our Google Webmaster Tools account a few days after launch, we found a notification from our site. We’ve talked about the benefits of Webmaster…

How to Start a Session in WordPress

You can register a session in WordPress by placing the following in your functions.php file.

New Year, New Look: 4 Highlights of Our Website, Relaunched

Corey has been hard at work this fall. He’s taken our website and given it a complete overhaul. Here are just a few of the great new features I’d like to brag about. 1. Simplified New Logo We wanted to simplify the logo, so went from this: To this: We simplified the name; while we’re…