How to Collapse Mobile Navigation on Click in Bootstrap 3

When building a single page, scrolling Bootstrap theme, a common issue you may run into is the mobile navigation remains visible when you click on a menu item. Here is an easy jQuery fix: Check out my personal site on a mobile device to see it in action!

3 Humbling Lessons About Failure I’ve Learned By Being An Entrepreneur

It’s time to be honest. And it’s time to get personal…not that I don’t on a regular basis already. If you have your own business, you know how this goes. It’s difficult. Probably the most difficult thing you could do – and I can’t compare it marriage, childbirth, or parenting just yet, so disregard those three….

How to be a Cheerleader for Your Brand

As a former cheerleader and now a college cheerleading coach (those who can’t do, teach, right?), I know the power of positive thinking. Cheerleaders use positive energy as they cheer on their team to (hopefully) a victory. They use a variety of skills in their arsenal in order to pump up the crowd. Being a…

How to make Parent Menu Items Clickable in Bootstrap 3

By default, clicking a Bootstrap parent menu link only produces it’s dropdown menu without following that link. Adding this jQuery snippet will make your parent menu items clickable again! You can test this functionality in the navigation above!